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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sleepy tales - Sister's sleeping friend

Sleepy tales - Sister's sleeping friend by Annonimous

One night, after an evening of heavy drinking, I stumbled clumsily into the house to find my older sister and her best friend passed out on the couch, as they had obviously been drinking themselves.

My sister lifted her head up and mumbled something that resembled that I should help her and her friend up to bed. I sighed and agreed.

I carried my sister up to her room, placed her in the bed, and went to grab her friend. I laid her carefully into the bed in the guest room, and as I started to leave the room I noticed that her skirt had risen up slightly to reveal her thin, white panties. As I imagined what she looked like underneath her panties I began to become more and more turned on by the second. Unable to help myself, I walked back to the bed and sat down next to her.

Just to make sure that she was actually sleeping, I shook her shoulders untill I was certain that she was out cold. I carefully ran my finger along her perfect, smooth thighs. I lifted her skirt all the way up and moved my hand closer along her inner thigh. Then, I nervously rubbed the outside of her pussy through the panties, and I could feel that it was warm and moist.

My whole body shuddering from excitement, I used my two index fingers to slowly pull down the underwear. I became fully erect by this point, as I gradually pulled them down to reveal her perfectly smooth pussy. I pulled the panties off over her ankles and tossed them aside, and simply stared at her perfect pussy and ass. I used one finger to run along her wet slit up and down.

As I glanced up along her body, I noticed that she had perfectly round, firm breasts. Over her shirt, I lightly ran my finger around her nipples. I slowly began to unbutton her shirt to reveal a very thin, pink bra. I removed the bra, to expose her round tits and cute pink nipples. By this point my pants were ready to burst open.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, followed by my boxers. My extremely stiff dick was already pulsing from excitement. I began to stroke it, then an idea occured to me. I approached her face, and gently opened her mouth. I ran the head of my cock along her tongue, while I groaned from the pleasure. I stuck it into her mouth about as deep as I thought I could go without choking her. I slid it in and out of her mouth with a feeling of absolute exctacy. I climbed on top of her, faced the opposite direction with my dick still in her mouth, and with my tongue I gently parted her pussy lips. I proceeded in this 69, sliding my dick in and out of her mouth faster and faster while furiously licking her. Once I felt the urge to cum, I climbed off, and with a great moan I exploded all over her exposed chest. About four spurts of warm cum landed in a pool all over her tits. Fearing she might wake up and suspect why she was covered in cum, I grabbed her panties, wiped all the cum off with it, and but them back on her. Once all her clothes were back on, I smiled and left the room...

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