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Friday, July 20, 2012

Galleries code access with Sharefoco linking

Dear all, I am thinking about maybe you want to access to my gallery codes.
All of my uploaded pics are in sharefoco. One of the best image hosting for me.

Here is the link Sharefoco Linking

You only need to create an account, totally for free, of course.
This way you will be able to:
* Access to my gallery codes (BBcode, for forums and HTML, for webs & blogs)
* Access to all the users uploaded galleries and codes aswell.
* Upload your pictures and share with me and other users.
* And also you can earn some money uploading and sharing pics & videos

I believe is the most profitable way to make some money with your Giga personal porn collections.

Note: Don't be afraid about the registration fields "pay method, account and account name". Its not necesary to fill them up. You can leave them blank and fill them up in the future, if you want. Anyway these fields are not for pay anything, they are for specify to sharefoco the way to make the  payments to you. (it works with Paypal and Liberty reserve)

I hope this post will be usefull to you.
Thx for reading time.

Here are the sample pics of the process:

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